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Christine Gascho International Communications

Providing the following professional services:

  • Multicultural Communications...English/Spanish

  • Translation & Interpreting ...

  • Translation of Documents....medical and personal, social issues

  • Spanish/English Interpreter & Translator

  • Teaching English as a Second / Foreign Language

  • Teaching Spanish as a Second / Foreign Language

  • Writing for Media & PR communications

Translation Services

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Translation Services
English : Native
Spanish : Second Language/ Fluency in Speaking and Writing

My name is Christine Gascho Vera and I am writing you from Waterloo, Ontario Canada.
Here is a summary of my background and experience.

Mexican Migrant Workers
I have worked as a Spanish translator between an Engineering Firm out of Elmira, ON and their business in Argentina.
I worked with Mexican Migrant workers at a farm in Southwestern Ontario translating WHMIS Health and Safety Manual and interpreting for the English and Spanish speaking staff on the farms.

Overseas Work:  
In my teens I lived in Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and in Bogota, Colombia with my family.  
My experience in Mission work is from my parents who became missionaries with 'Youth With A Mission' later in life. 
Our first overseas experience was in Puerto Rico, whereupon my parents were introduced to the directors from Bogota, Colombia, SA.  They were then invited to be a part of the team there. 
Upon completion of high school, I attended Bethany Global University (affiliated with Bethany Publishing House at the time) in Mpls, Minnesota, where there are many Norwegians who have made the Northeast home. 
My experience after college was working in St. Croix, U.S.V. I.  I also was teaching for Mexican and expatriate children for 1 school year in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. 

I established a Spanish Translation business to provide translation services, to both business and individual clients doing business with Spanish speaking clients. 
As a Spanish interpreter and translator, I have worked in simultaneous telephone interpretations in the medical and technical fields.  My written translation work includes specializations of medical, social and technical documents. 
From 2006-2011 I worked as a Spanish interpreter with both the Waterloo Public and Waterloo Catholic School Boards 

Countries Lived in:         
Puerto Rico 
St. Croix, U.S.V.I. 
Colombia, SA 
Mexico,  State of San Luis Potosi & the Capital City, D.F. Distrito Federal 
Lima, Peru, SA 

English: Native
Spanish: Second language/Fluency in speaking and writing

I do speak slight French although I love the French language and am currently continuing to study independently as well as being CDN we have mandatory French instruction in our school instruction from a young age. 

Set up an earthquake fund with the Red Cross/Cruz Roja in Arequipa, SA-2001

I organized an evening for information to give donations for Canadians sending money to Peru to help Peru during this affected time.

Habitat for Humanity:

I have worked with this amazing organization that helps builds houses for people who could otherwise not afford a solid house to live in. As a writer I wrote the script for video that is used to promote HH in Canada.

Ottawa Business News Newspaper:
Business Reporter for this publication in the early 90's. I wrote stories and following through with Bank Rates for the Business Newspaper. As a journalist this is my favourite part of meeting people and forming questions for the particular set of circumstances.

Traducción e Interpretación—Translation and Interpretation

What is the first step in working together?

Contact us and describe your project—we're interested in:

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We can help you by providing interpretation for online meetings with people in different parts of the world, whether these have been organized well in advance or whether they are last-minute events.
We can interpret during your online webinars or workshops without the need to travel to a specific venue.
Our extensive experience in the field of interpretation will serve to ensure that effective communication prevails.
We look forward to receiving your queries about translations or interpretations you may need.


Please contact us for further information or for a quotation for interpreting or written translation services.


Podemos ayudarle proporcionando interpretación para reuniones en línea con personas de diferentes partes del mundo, tanto si se han organizado con bastante tiempo de antelación como si son eventos de última hora.
Podemos interpretar durante sus seminarios o talleres en línea sin necesidad de viajar a un lugar específico.
Nuestra amplia experiencia en el campo de la interpretación servirá para asegurar que prevalezca una comunicación eficaz
Esperamos recibir sus interrogantes sobre traducciones o interpretaciones que pueda necesitar


Por favor, contáctenos para obtener más información o para que le enviemos una cotización de servicios de interpretación o traducción escrita.

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