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Dave Bernard

Tree Service & Removal

Stumpy's Tree Service & Removal

Tree removal, trimming & cleanup, bucket truck service, and stump grinding

Stumpy's is Huron County's longest established tree service. Since 1990, Stumpy's has provided homes, cottage and businesses with safe, reliable service.  In this business experience and the right equipment counts.  Contact Dave Bernard for a free quote.  

Tree Removal

Stumpy's has the right equipment and experienced personnel to get in to do any job. Confined spaces are a challenge.  That is where experience really counts.


Big trees can make a big mess when they come down. We use a powerful wood chipper to turn the mess into mulch. Your site cleanup is done quickly.

Stump Grinding

Even large stumps can be elminated. Our stump grinder will remove debris and ready the ground for topsoil and seeding. Nobody does it better than Stumpy's.

  • Bucket Truck Service

    For those high jobs at home or elsewhere, give us a call.  We can provide a safe, time saving service for any chore.

Free Quote


I am always ready to quote a new job. Please leave a message on our answering service.  Chances are that I will be with my crew on a job when you call. For safety reasons I stay focused on the job site during the daytime. However I will get back to you within 24 hours.

I will come to your property, examine the conditions and challenges. I will then be able to give you an accurate quote to get the job done properly. We are fully insured, so you may be confident you are dealing with professionals.


Dave Bernard

I look forward to hearing from you.



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