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Hardwood Refinishing

Dustless hardwood floor refinishing is our specialty!

The Refinishing Process

Refinishing is the best way to take your scratched and worn, from old to new. McMahon Flooring can refinish floors that have been damaged or have been covered in paint. If you think replacing them is your only option think again. Old floors have a grain and colour that you can't find in new ones.

The Process

1. Coarse sandpaper is used to remove old finishes, scratches and stains

2. Medium abrasive paper is used to even out and remove heavy sanding lines

3. Fine sandpaper is used along with a buffing process to make sure the floor is completely smooth

4. Stain is applied. If required 2-3 coat of sealer may be applied.

Worried about dust? Don't be.

Though a small amount of dust may be noticeable after sanding, we do our best to contain it using a large vacuum.

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