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Laverne Ropp
Jeff Kuepher

  • Laverne's Custom Wood Products

About Us

Furniture quality and craftmanship is available to you locally, at a reasonable price.  Deal directly with us, the manufacturer... 

Laverne Ropp and Jeff Kuepher are partnered to bring you the personalized service you need to transform your furniture ideas into reality.

To work on your project, we have a good sized shop located between Blyth and Walton. We produce single pieces of furniture or will provide complete rooms of matching furniture which will fit nicely in your kitchen, a bathroom and other living areas.  

Often our client's approach us with an idea that we can sketch out on paper, and then transform into a solid piece of furniture. don't be shy about asking us what we can do for you. Our range of expertise includes the utilitarian as well as the decorative!

We want to encourage you to visit the gallery page on this site to see some of the work we have done in past.  Each album in the gallery has eight pictures, so when you are finished viewing one album, please go on to see the next one by using the "next" button. There is a large variety of work to be viewed.  If you don't see something that you have in mind, don't be discouraged to ask us 'if we can do it". 



Phone: 519-441-0802 or 519-441-7998



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