Farmgate Fresh Foods in Huron and Bruce County


If you are interested in healthy foods raised in the traditional way, our "Farmgate Fresh Foods" directory can help you locate local food at farm operation that will welcome you at their farmgate. This is your invitation to discover how real food tastes.

Take a purposeful trip to the countryside in Huron and Bruce Counties on Ontario's west coast. Enjoy the drive and get your share of the harvest of healthy foods. Each season has its own delights.  

You can make a connection online with food producers of your choice. Then plan your trip to the farmgate(s) along the way.

Take advantage of this directory to discover in season promotions, and make a connection to a Farmgate food producer.

For current promotions, click on the "Specials" menu item to see what is available and in season.

If you are a farmer who want to be found online, click here to connect your farm operation with food buyers who want to discover your food products.

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