Letting Rural Canadians speak their Minds

A healthy democracy promotes the exchange of ideas and viewpoints of all stripes. We can learn from each other if we find our voice. Rural Ontario has a voice. This is a place it can be heard. There are two ways you can participate.

First, you can comment on the published articles.  Within the article, you may click on the icon displayed here, to stimulate discussion and reasoned political commentary.  

Next, if you are an aspiring writer, and wish to write your own articles for publication, we have a place for you here.  We can host your own community website. Your articles will appear on your own site, and will be displayed in the political commentary section. Use Facebook and other social media buttons to let your friends know what you are thinking.  You can use as much space as you want.

All points of view are welcome, provided they enhance the community, and educate the public on your unique perspective. For more information on this opportunity, please click here.

You can access all the articles using the menu bar below.  You can also select articles by category displayed below.  If you or your friends see an under represented category, consider becoming a spokesperson, or go out and recruit one!

Hungarian Spoof on the antics of President Putin


50/50 Draw

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