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    Advertising decisions are not as easy as they used to be.  "Back in the day" when there were few advertising choices, you would go where everyone else was, and that was it.  For instance, you could put an ad in the local newspaper and be assured everyone in town at least had a newspaper. Some of those readers would notice your ad. You succeeded in placing your name into the public's consciousness, and you could expect a call when they needed your product or service.  Simple!  Today, however, everything has changed. 

    The convenience of the internet has altered how we get information.  It’s all fragmented now. Maybe you read the local newspaper, maybe you don't. However, when you want to go buy a product or service, most people will say they spend some time doing their research on the internet. They will also tell you they want the information to be at their fingertips.  The more convenience we have, the less patience people seem to have while searching.  That is why a "good" business website that can be easily found is so important today. A word of caution though. A "good" site is not necessarily just a pretty site, although appearance can be an asset. A "good" site is one that makes the cash register ring. What makes it good, is that you are able to receive a return on your promotion investment.

    For your site to generate sales, you need to rethink your advertising strategy. When buyers are looking for a supplier, they will turn to the internet search engines to find you. Are you there? Think of your online presence as a roadway to your website, and think of your website as a sign along the road. Each road to your online content comes from a different direction.  You want to build as many roads as possible, so that as people search online, they always find your content on page one of Google or Bing. Someone is there, and it needs to be you.

    This is where you are going to need some help. To build the right roadways to your content you will need to work with someone who knows the local market, how the internet works, and who is willing to work to customize an approach that will deliver the search engine results you need to make your website pay off. Big companies employ high priced help to put them on page one of Google. However these providers, operating out of the big city office towers do not know the local market. You need to learn to take advantage of what you know.

    Here is an example of a particular low cost strategy.

    On Community WebLine, the site has a section that appeals to job seekers in Huron County. People who are looking for jobs go to the search engines, and find this content on page one. Think of this search as one road to the content. On October 6 and 7, there were 56 job seekers who visited the Community WebLine page. All things being equal, that means there will be 10,220 visits from job seekers over the course of a year. We were approached by a job recruitment business to place their content on the page.  We were able to do so for a flat annual fee of $175. If you do the math, this means that the cost of delivering one job seeker to the recruiter is 1.7 cents! Every one of these people is prequalified to be looking for work, by virtue of the fact they took the time to search for job opportunities in Huron County.  That is a very cost effective advertising strategy.

    Of course, it does not end there. In addition to latching on to an existing roadway for job seekers to follow, the advertiser can work with us to build more roadways to their website, and begin to be seen in the online market. 

    If you would like a free consultation to see how you can implement an effective online strategy, click here and we will be in touch.



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