• Farmgate Fresh Foods...locating what you need from farms in Huron or Bruce County

    The growing popularity of enjoying fresh, healthy locally grown foods has encouraged a growing number of farm operations to sell food products directly to the public. Whether its free range chickens, fresh eggs, grass fed beef or pesticde free fruits and vegetables, a trip to the county is worth the effort. The challenge of course is to locate farmgate operations in Huron and Bruce Counties, who have what you want, when you want it. 

    That is where Rural Business Network comes in. RBN has set up a section on its popular Community Webline site where you can browse at your convenience to find out what is available in season and out of season. Farmgate operations are being listed, complete with a map of how to get there, and the contact information you need to call ahead before your next purposeful trip to the countryside.  By checking the promotions page of the website, you will be able to view with a glance, what is available.  It is best to call ahead to make sure you get your share of a limited supply.

    If you own a farm and would like to offer your quality local foods sold at your farmgate or a local business place, contact RBN and we will set up our micro website on Community WebLine, complete with your own log in. This is all done for a small annual fee. Click here for more information.

    To find out what is avaiable in Huron and Bruce Counties, go to www.farm-fresh.ca and start enjoying fresh, tasty food!


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